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Interview with Terri Scheer: Predictable Returns

Surevestor co-founder Todd Breen talks with Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance creator Terri Scheer about having confidence in more consistent rental income. Watch to learn what Terri did in Australia to help make single family home ownership about achieving predictable returns on your greatest investment.

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Interview with Terri Scheer: Securing the Claim Funds

Scheer Landlord Protection policy creator Terri Scheer talks with Surevestor founder David Holt about the importance of securing claim funds as assurance for both landlord and property manager. Watch the full interview for ideas to help better secure your promise with every client.

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Interview with Terri Scheer: Overview

Terri Scheer, the creator of Australia’s first insurance policy talks with Surevestor founder David Holt about her examination of the unique risk that most policies exclude leading to the establishment of a new Landlord Protection Insurance. Today property owners can build greater generational wealth with the security of Sheer Landlord Protection to safeguard against the loss…

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Run Lean and Give Back Video Training Series – Session 3

If other agents aren’t offering Landlord Protection Insurance are they covering all the bases of management? This question and other ideas to Close the Deal is covered in Surevestor’s free video series for learning how to help market your business and get more leads from industry experts, Deniz Yusuf and Darren Hunter.  Session 3 features ‘Scripts…

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Interview with Terri Scheer on Increasing the Value of Your Portfolio

As advocates of the professional property management industry, Surevestor is always seeking opportunities to grow and protect not only their own business, but also giving back to their peers. Upon meeting with Terri Scheer, the founder and creator of Australia’s first insurance policy in1990 designed to suit the specific risks landlords face, Surevestor founders Dave Holt, Todd Breen, and…

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What Is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

You can never eliminate tenant related risks, but you can actively minimize them. Our Scheer Landlord Protection gives you the peace of mind you need as a landlord and the protection you want as an investor in your property. All for less than $1 a day.