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In 1990 Terri Scheer designed the world's first comprehensive, specialized insurance product specifically for the benefit of Landlords, who made the wise choice of appointing professionals to manage their residential rental property. To this day, continual product innovation and a strong business focus ensures the product remains a market leader in Australia and New Zealand.

Property investment owners face unique challenges in protecting their rental income stream from not just common insurance risks, but also the unforeseen actions of tenants that expose this significant capital investment to loss or damage. Using extensive research and consulting with property professionals, Terri was able to realize her goal to protect the interests of both Landlords and Professional Property Managers, while simultaneously supporting sustainable housing for tenants by reducing the risks to the capital investments of Landlords.

Now, in an unprecedented partnership, SureVestor Inc., America's foremost advocates of Property Managers, have partnered with Terri Scheer to bring to the United States of America, exclusively, the Scheer Protection suite of products.

If you own a single family home or a condominium and use professional managers, our suite of comprehensive products can help you achieve your goals as well. We thank you for allowing us to support your investment strategy.