A revolutionary solution that helps landlords gain a deeper level of financial protection.

Our top 2 products for the price of 1.

There are many risks to owning a rental property. Insurance brokers won’t cover some of the more expensive ones, like Tenant Malicious Damage. That’s why we created the ProtectionPlus Bundle. It provides you with a robust combination of coverage, including:

  • Tenant Malicious Damage Guaranteed with $35k in coverage
  • Loss of Rent Guarantee with up to 25 weeks of rent loss
  • Eviction Guarantee with $5k in eviction coverage, plus $600 for any sheriff fees
  • $1,000,000 coverage for 3rd party claims that happen on your property (That’s twice the liability coverage of most dwelling policies)
  • $15K in Theft or Damage Due to Theft.
  • Rekeying of locks if a tenant skips or has to be evicted
  • $5k lockbox coverage

Two Products for the Price of One!

The ProtectionPlus Bundle combines our top two products into a money-saving bundle. Remember, even the best tenant can make a mistake that winds up costing you a fortune in repairs and legal fees. But with the ProtectionPlus Bundle, you’re covered!