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Master Tenant Liability Insurance Policy and Renter’s Insurance

Looking to Implement a Tenant Liability Policy? Property Managers now have a profitable solution to provide their Residents with Tenant Liability Coverage or Renters Insurance!

What are the benefits?

Tenant Liability Insurance & Renter’s Insurance


- Up to $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage
- Protects against claims to homeowners policy
- Lowers the risk of paying out of pocket and losing profits

Property Managers

- TLI Easy to implement and manage
- A great selling point to offer new owner
- Only $9.00 per month, per home (billed to tenant)
- Monetizable (with an added admin fee)
- Listed as ‘additionally interested’ party


- Satisfies the Lease Requirements
- $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage
- Automatically billed with monthly rent
- No Deductible

Know Your Options

A Master Tenant Liability policy with contents has significant gaps compared to Renters Insurance:

A Master Tenant Liability policy with a Renter’s Insurance
option is the best of both worlds.

Our Plan Options:

Option 1:

Tenant does nothing and will be automatically enrolled in your Master Tenant Liability Insurance Program.

Tenant Liability Insurance DOES NOT include coverage for:

Cost: $9.00 per month

Option 2:

If the tenant wants their contents covered they can purchase renters insurance from your preferred provider though SureVestor. The policy is pre-underwritten and meets the terms of your lease while also providing coverage for:

Minimum $100,000 in personal liability coverage and $10K in personal contents coverage.

  • Instant approval
  • Provides a robust liability limit with a reputable insurance carrier
  • Provides broad coverage for personal belongings
  • Provides $500 coverage for pet damage
  • Provides $10,000 coverage for pet bite

Cost: Depends on limits, coverages, and deductibles selected.

Option 3:

Tenants Purchase renters insurance from a licensed agent and provide proof of coverage to PM. Lists Property Management Company as an “additional interest.”

Cost: Varies on your provider and applicant’s creditworthiness, among other factors

Benefits Comparison

Category Landlord Legal Liability Only
(AKA Tenant Liability TL Policy)
TL + Resident Contents HO-4
(Renter’s Insurance Policy)
Name Insured Manager Manager Manager
Typical Limit $100,000 in LLL (Landlord Legal Liability) coverage from certain accidental or negligent tenant damages $100,000 in LLL (Landlord Legal Liability) plus a supplemental limit of $10K for resident’s personal contents Minimum $100K in personal liability coverage and $10K in personal contents coverage, can be increased based on personal needs
Typical Annual Cost to Residents $120-$144 $144-$160 $180
(varies depending on limits + deductibles)
Typical Benefit to Manager
  • Manager is the named insured
  • Force-place model allows PM to enforce insurance requirements included in leases
  • Monetizable (using an admin fee)
  • Easy to implement/manage
  • Offers coverage for the landlord’s assets like a typical TLI program
  • Monetizable (using an admin fee)
  • Provides residents with a robust liability limit with a reputable insurance carrier
  • PMC automatically listed as an ‘Interested Party’
Typical Benefit to Resident
  • Offers protection from certain accidental or negligent damage of up to $100K per occurrence with no aggregate
  • Satisfies TLI lease requirement
  • Automatically billed with rent (monthly)
  • No Deductible ($250 min claim)
  • Offers protection from certain accidental or negligent damage of up to $100K per occurrence with no aggregate
  • Provides limited coverage for personal belongings, to a maximum of $10K


  • Personal property coverage
  • Theft and Vandalism (As per the policy)
  • Coverage for damage due to fire, smoke
  • Includes water damage
  • Min $10,000 Contents
Program Drawbacks
  • Tenant is not a named Insured
  • No Personal Property coverage
  • Limited scope of coverage means not all resident caused damages are covered
  • Tenant is not a named Insured
  • No theft, vandalism, or disappearance coverage
  • No coverage for water damage due to freezing or water back-up
  • Roommates not covered
  • Low limits on jewelry, watches, silver, etc.
  • Potential for aggregate limits
  • PM could be held liable
  • More expensive than just TL only coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant Liability Programs only offers coverage from accidental or negligent tenant damages resulting from fire, smoke, explosion, backup or overflow of sewer, drain or sump, water damage, falling objects and collision with vehicles.

Tenant’s benefit from this by having some protection in the event they cause damage to the landlord’s assets.

NO. The property manager is implementing an insurance requirement as a condition of the lease. This program allows managers to enforce that requirement through something other than turning a resident away of threatening eviction. Contact Beecher Carlson at (404) 460-1425 should you have questions about these insurance options.

The Tenant Liability Insurance is underwritten by Brit Global Specialty USA.

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