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Property Managers Benefits

  • Easy to implement and manage
  • A great selling point to offer new owner
  • Only $9.00 per month, per home
  • Monetizable (with an added admin fee)
  • Listed as ‘additionally interested’ party

Owner Benefits

  • Up to $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage
  • Protects against claims to homeowners policy
  • Lowers the risk of paying out of pocket and losing profits

Tenant Benefits

  • Satisfies the Lease Requirements
  • $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage
  • Automatically billed with monthly rent
  • No Deductable

Our Plan Options:

Option 1:

Tenant does nothing – and will be automatically enrolled in Your Master Tenant Liability Insurance Program.

Cost: $9.00 per month

Option 2:

If the tenant wants their contents covered they can purchase renters insurance from your preferred provider though SureVestor. The policy is pre-underwritten and meets the terms of your lease while also providing coverage for their personal contents.

Minimum $100,000 in personal liability coverage and $10K in personal contents coverage.

  • Instant approval!
  • Provides a robust liability limit with a reputable insurance carrier
  • Provides broad coverage for personal belongings
  • Provides $500 coverage for pet damage
  • Provides $10,000 coverage for pet bite

Cost: Depends on limits, coverages, and deductibles selected

Option 3:

Tenants Purchase renters insurance from a licensed agent and provide proof of coverage to PM. Lists Property Management Company as an “additional interest.”

Cost: Varies on your provider and applicant’s creditworthiness, among other factors

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