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Tenant Renters Insurance

The landlord’s property insurance will not only help you when disaster strikes. The landlord’s insurance covers the home, but not any of your personal belongings.

When you’re renting a rental home, apartment, or condo that you don’t own, Renters insurance helps cover your personal belongings and provides liability coverage.

Why Buy Renters Insurance?

A renters insurance policy will help cover the losses to your personal property caused by theft, fire, smoke, water damage, vandalism – preventing you from paying out of pocket to replace everything that can be damaged or stolen.

Major benefits include:

Personal Property Damage

Having a renters insurance policy lowers your chances of having to pay out of pocket and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings are covered when disaster strikes.

Theft coverage

If your property is burglarized, Renters Insurance offers coverage for stolen items like your jewelry, TV, computer, furniture, clothing, and more.

Temporary living expenses

If the property becomes uninhabitable, causing you to need temporary living arrangements, living expenses like hotel costs are usually covered by renters insurance.

Medical expense for injured guest

Should your friends or family be injured at your home, renter’s insurance will pay the medical bills up to the policy’s limit.

Get started today and protect your personal property with low-cost insurance coverage!

  • No credit check needed
  • The coverage includes both the minimum liability coverage as required in the lease and personal contents coverage.
  • If you don’t find your rental property address, call 844-957-1543, give them your property address, and the name of your property management company, and that you want the Surevestor renter’s insurance policy.
  • Once coverage is placed, please provide your property manager a copy of your coverage.