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“Have you heard of SureVestor? This company was started by property managers who understand the difficulty and what’s involved in managing rental property. What this company does is it protects and ensures against tenant related risks…”

Marc Cunningham
Grace Property Management

“A couple days later I got an email from them saying we just want to thank you so much, our move was very stressful but it was so good to be able to find a management company we could trust. We feel so good about leaving our property with you. We were between two management companies but we chose yours.”

Megan Breen

“Thank you so much for sitting us all up with SureVestor! We went with the Ultimate policy – total coverage, total peace of mind as we’re calling it. It was a super seamless process, really easy! It probably took me a total of eight minutes from from a first login to get it signed up… It was super easy to to sell and to actually set up the owner in the process.”

Peter Cook
Annapolis Property Service

“Sometimes, a product is good just ‘cos it’s good. Sometimes, it’s because of who represents it. And in the case of SureVestor, not only is it an amazing product, but it’s also represented by three of the very best in the Property Management world–Dave Holt, Kevin Knight, and Todd Breen.”

Chrysztyna Rowek
Lighthouse Cove Property Management

“We’ve recently implemented the SureVestor program at our company and we’ve received some very good feedback and responses to that… Overall I’ve been very pleased with the implementation process and I’ve been very pleased with the product itself.”

Brent Holmes
Clockwork PM